The February BOX

A beautiful candle
Boutique Binetna

A beautiful candle with ‘white musk’ scent and in the shape of a small candy jar will be sure to leave you relaxing on that lazy Sunday afternoon.

*Regular price: $38 + tx.

Silver Necklace
Kate Chareil

The silver Necklace Frida will complement any skin tone with its subtle pale pink, diamond shaped pendant. The pendant is made with vegetable ivory, an all-natural material deriving from a fruit that grows in abundance in the rainforests of South America. Vegetable ivory is the seed of a tropical palm tree that looks surprisingly like animal ivory. This is an excellent alternative to animal ivory that could help stop the killing of pachyderms.
Say hello to, yes, vegan jewellery !

*Regular price – Silver Necklace with vegetable ivory pendant : $115 + tx.

All-purpose Fouta
Boutique Binetna

An all-purpose and contemporary fouta, otherwise known as a scarf, mostly used as a throw, tablecloth, or even towel, will prove to be your new favourite piece of home decor. Living in a relaxing environment is the distinctive difference between a house and home sweet home.

*Regular price: $28 + tx.