Empowering women, one box at a time

‘Jigeen’ translates to ‘woman’ in Wolof, language spoken in Senegal.

Fama, our founder, has created this Box to demonstrate just how meaningful it is to support other women. Since the beginning of her blog Jigeen.com, Fama has always loved the notion of sisterhood. Just as the blog represents women empowerment, the Jigeen Box does as well.

This Box will feature products exclusively created by female entrepreneurs. Opening the box every two months will be a fantastic surprise that you can treat yourself to. Our box will include lifestyle products such as all-natural cosmetics and skincare, jewellery, home decor items and much more. More so, it is not only a new way to try out quality products made by women, but is also an effective way to invest in women entrepreneurship and yourself.

We as women are often put into a box that is meant to define us, though the Jigeen box is one where you create your own. Each individual is unique in their own way. Just as each product is hand picked with this philosophy in mind. We hope to welcome you with open arms when you join our journey in growing a community of strong, exquisite women who understand just how wonderful collaboration amidst womankind can be.

The media often portrays women as catty and non-supportive of each other and our endeavours. But if you’re still reading, you certainly know that solidarity among women is not a myth, let’s prove it together!